MASONIC From-Darkness-to-Light Poster

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MASONIC From-Darkness-to-Light
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  • MASONIC From-Darkness-to-Light Poster
  • MASONIC From-Darkness-to-Light Poster
  • MASONIC From-Darkness-to-Light Poster
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Fantastic Color Print: From-Darkness-to-Light

Circa: 1887 Size 12 x 18 This is a certificate that would have been filled out and presented to a new Master Mason.

It traces all of your steps through the York Rite and has place to put the dates of your Entered Apprentice, FellowCraft, Master Mason, Royal Arch, Cryptic and Templar degrees.

This is by far one of the most beautiful Masonic prints in existence! It has dozens of scenes and symbols which are all well integrated into the art.

The lower right corner reads "This is to certify that our worthy Brother who has written his name on the rock... has been regularly initiated as an Entered Apprentice, passed to the Degree of Fellow Craft and "raised" to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason".

At the very top is the All-Seeing Eye overlooking King Solomon's Temple with stars & moon on the left, and Noah's ark and a rainbow on the right. Under this in large letters is "'I AM THAT I AM.' - EXOD, 111.14."

The bottom reads "From Darkness To Light".

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